Wolves at the Gate

The Great Expedition!

A Child's Primer to the Discovery of Kythera and the Many Wonders and Terrors Held Within!

For a long time, no one was sure if Kythera was real.

No one was sure if the Precurors were even real!

People found their old houses and their old tools – but we couldn't really be sure.  So we had to ask questions, we had to figure out the answers, we had to go looking. Around the world, people spoke of the Lost City of Kythera. It was supposed to be a wonderful city filled with amazing things! But no one could find it, so no one was sure if it was true.

Then one day a brave young man decided to find out.

The man's name was Jaiden Moore.

He had a map that his father had given him and he was sure he knew the way. He assembled a brave crew to go with him: a cook, a knight, and a scholar. They set sail across the sea, sure they would find the way as long as they followed the map.

But there was trouble! A mighty octopus attacked the ship! The cook threw onions and the knight cried and the scholar ran around keeping her books dry – it was only brave Jaiden who moved quick enough to tickle the tentacles of the beast so the ship could slip away!

At last they arrived at the shore of  Altus – the land where Kythera was supposed to be. They walked across the beach and they found a strange road made of white stones. On either side of the road were white statues of every shape and size. "What curious statues!" Jaiden said, " I wonder who made them?" The cook got lost wandering among the statues, but they found him easily enough following the smell of onions. 

The road lead towards the city and a wide gate marked with a circle. Jaiden knocked the secret knock that his father had taught him:


And the city gates flew open! They had found Kythera! Their strange adventure had truly begun!


Ok, I have some problems with this narrative.

The Great Expedition!

The half-machine victors write the history books. Also, this is from the prime timeline (Lodestar Timeline) – if something we do erases that future, this will disappear or alter. Maybe instead of Jaiden, it was Coldbrand Trading Company after all with it’s mysterious CEO, Maero…

The Great Expedition!

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